The Vigier Ventenary 2020<BR> Einstein's Unified Field and Physics of the Observer


Jean-Pierre Vigier


Noted French mathematical physicist Jean-Pierre Vigier
(January 16, 1920, Paris May 4, 2004, Paris)
was called 'Le Heretique du Physique' in the French media.
Most of his work - Over 400 papers, chapters & books relates to
cutting-edge extensions or alternatives to 'mainstream physics'
such as photon mass or the de Broglie-Bohm Causal-Stochastic
Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics for example.

Einstein asked Vigier to be his assistant; but since Vigier had been
'involved' with the French in Vietnam at the time, the US government
would not let him enter the US. Thus he became Nobelist Louis de Broglie's
assistant instead.

Symposia in Vigier's honour began at York University in Toronto, Canada
in 1995.

J-P Vigier Wikipedia Page:

Vigier in his Paris office 2003. (Photo courtesy RL Amoroso)

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