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Tuesday: All Day "Unified Field" Colloquium

On Tuesday 18th November there will be an all-day Colloquium modeled after the historic
Solvay Conferences (Conseils Solvay) to "Found" the immanent new field of 'Unified Field Mechanics'

The workshop will consist of a series of invited key lectures in the morning
Followed by an afternoon panel discussion with audience/delegate participation.

A detailed 'Compendium Precis' with references and suggested reading list
will be handed out at the registration desk
with links to the document provided here beforhand.


Attendees of the 1st 'Conseil Solvay' in Brussels, Belgium 1911

The Solvay Conferences "Conseils Solvay" are the most famous conferences in the history of physics.
Ihe 1911 Solvay Conference in Physics was the first international conference in physics ever organized.
It was held by Ernest Solvay, on scientific advice from W. Nernst and H. Lorentz.
On this occasion Einstein and Poincaré met, for the only time.

The key to the success of the "Conseils Solvay" lay in their organization:
an international scientific committee was in charge of defining the general theme of the conference
and of selecting a chair person. The conference chair set up the programme (decides specific subjects and sessions)
as well as the invitations.
One characteristic feature of the Solvay Conferences is the emphasis on discussions over presentations.
Typically, Solvay Conferences are divided into half-day sessions.
Each session begins with one or two reports reviewing the state-of-the-art of the subject
(and distributed to the participants before the start of the Conference), followed by vivid discussions steered by the chair of the session.

Participation to the "Conseils Solvay" was by invitation only.

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