Unified Field Mechanics II 2016<BR> Preliminary Formulations and Empirical Tests



Portonovo is a beautiful seaside resort in the town Ancona, Italy
Beach of Portonovo - Conero Riviera - on the Adriatic sea, is a beautiful seaside resort
near Ancona in le Marche region in Italy. Wild nature, white beaches, crystal clear water,
untouched from mass tourism, in the heart of the CÚnero natural park.

See: http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portonovo

and especially:


Predicted weather for Porto Novo, Italy 24 July (Monday) to 28 July (Thursday), 2016
is reported to average ~ 29 degrees C. with average low of ~ 19 C.
This is in line with historical averages which have been known
to fluctuate to highs of 34 degrees C. and lows of ~ 16 C.

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